Become a Creator

Bmart Biz is a product of Bmart Nigeria that allows individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers to monetise their fanbase by converting them to paid followers with a variety of monetization options. On this platform, they are called "CREATORS". With Bmart Biz simple to use interface, you can be set up and earning in minutes!!

We believe you shouldn’t be handing over a high percentage of your hard earned profits to platforms with mediocre features and services. Especially if those platforms don’t value the unique position of the worker community or, even worse, can’t commit to a mission statement to stand by the industry creators who comprise the foundation of their company. With Bmart Biz you keep 85% of your earnings, with no hidden fees or extras. This translates to massive extra earnings compared to every other platform. Plus, any creator you refer will net you 5% lifetime commission on their earnings, a number you won’t find anywhere else.

Bmart Biz offers the most advanced fan engagement platform available with every possible way to monetise your fanbase. This includes monthly subscriptions through private profile feeds and premium social media accounts. Private messaging and tipping, premium videos, custom content upselling and much more.

Start earning more and increasing your profits today. After all, it’s your content; why should a faceless corporation pocket a huge percentage of your earnings? Becoming a creator on Bmart Biz is so quick and easy:
  • Register on Bmart Biz
  • Make sure to "Edit your Profile" and fill in necessary informations.
  • Click on "Be a Creator!" on your profile menu.
  • Submit the required documents.
  • Wait to get approved (might take 24-48 hours).  
  • Start creating/posting your content or follow creators! 
  • That's all!
Here is a full list of our categories to know where to fit in as a creator!

You'll enjoy these benefits:
  • Tap into a wealth of expertise and experience to help your business thrive.
  • Get the tools you need to start and grow a business in our resource hub.
  • Meet other like-minded business owners and grow your network.
  • Promote your content, make money with your content, build your network, grow your fanbase.

How to earn more with Bmart Biz?

Quality over quantity is better, but remember that people want to find value in your page so having enough content on there is also important. Our best creators have between 20-100 images or videos to access.

You can set a subscription price and sell content individually to non subscribers. Make sure that you offer value as you can always change the price later.

Promoting on social media is where you start to earn. Share your unique link every time you upload to drive followers to your page.

If you are successful, our alogorithm recognises this and will promote you more often to creators who upload similar content. You can align yourself to the right niche by adding tags to your content. This allows people interested in your type of content to find you easier.

When subscribers pay to see your content, you keep upto 85% of your earnings. No hidden fees.

What sets us Apart?

Referral Bonuses
  • You will be given a special link that will link customers to your account.  Also, you will earn 5% commission of the creators you refer to Bmart Biz for a lifetime. 
Premium contents
  • Sell the option to peel off an emoji/text over your photos. You can give a taste of your media before users purchase it or subscribe to you. You have the option to use emojis and text if you want for higher conversion rates!
Followers and Subscribers
  • Users can "follow" your account for free and you can choose to post media/video/text to them or send DMs to them. This allows for users to constantly see and be reminded that you are a creator on the platform if they decide to choose to pay and subscribe to you.
85-15 Split
  • Bmart Biz only takes a 15% fee of your earnings. You are left with 85% of your subscription and direct sales earnings plus your referral earnings

Becoming a Creator FAQ

How much money will I earn with Bmart Biz?
  • As a creator you earn 85% of everything you sell on the site. Users can subscribe and pay monthly to you or you can sell media directly to them at a fixed one time cost.
What payment methods are used for payouts?
  • We offer payouts via Bank Transfer or Western union.
How are my earnings calculated?
  • As a creator selling content and subscriptions you will earn 85% of what users pay to you. If you earn ₦100 on fansly you will receive ₦85. Also you can refer creators and users to the site.
How frequent are payouts?
  • Once you are verified you can payout above ₦5000 as often as you want. They are typically sent in 3 business days by bank transfer or western union. You can only apply for payout on day 15 of each month.
Can I use the affiliate system even if I am not verified?
  • Yes, your earnings will accumulate but you must get verified in order to receive a payout.